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Among the valuable things in life our identity is formed by our cultural heritage which consists of language, literature and a way of being. These elements define our roots and collectively enrich our social structure. Therefore they have to be preserved and passed on from generation to generation as a gift.Urdu is a language which is part of our culture and has to be preserved, protected and promoted in existing situation, to pursue this objective a few lovers of urdu formed an organization named Mohibban-E-Urdu which means lovers of Urdu. It intends to protect, preserve and promote Urdu language by conducting literary and cultural activities and thereby providing a platform of common interest for Urdu speaking people who appreciate it irrespective of their ethnic or geographical background.Urdu poetry attracts its audience by its aesthetic expression and universal experiences.

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Mohibban-E-Urdu was formed in September 2011 by an informal group of volunteers who wanted to create an organization to:

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